Revision - April 10th to 13th 2020
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General Rules

Streamvision Specifcs

  • As physical communication will be limted / not possible we have lowered the requirement to show any entry running on the real actual hardware.
  • We have allowed entries to be pre-recorded by the visitors for selected competitions.
  • Submissions will open approximately one week before the party


  • Only submit your own work. In a cooperative effort any of the people involved may submit the final result.
  • If you submit something, you have to buy a ticket. No exceptions!
  • PLEASE try to upload your entry as soon as possible, we have a LOT of entries to look at so the earlier we can check that your entry works the better - you will also have more time to fix things, too! As we will open uploads for competitions before the event (approximately one week before) we REALLY urge you to get your entries into the partymeister system as soon as they are ready. We might need to get back to you on a thing and we want to have the time to do it.
  • We will do our very best to get entries running on the compo machine. If they do not we will reach out to you, please be around to reply to any questions / comments we might have.
  • Racism, child pornography and any kind of content that violates German law will be disqualified. Period.
  • Entries have to be free of third party rights unless you have a legal license to use the given content. This means no ripped music or vocal samples, no movie snippets, no closeups of trademarked logos, etc. Violations will result in immediate disqualification. If you are unsure what exactly is allowed and what isn't, please have a look at the copyright page or contact us. Having no GEMA stuff to worry about does not give you a free copyright card. So beware!
  • We have the right not to show your production if we think them to be total crap or detestable, even in competitions without preselection. This does not disqualify your production and you can still vote for it. Please save yourself from having freedom of speech discussion - you can of course say what you want, but you certainly cannot force us to help you with it.
  • All shown entries will be spread. We will do our best to make them available on our compo server directly after the competition was held.
  • We have the right to skip parts in demos during the competitions, especially scroller parts and endscrollers. This to keep the total compo running time down and keep it interesting. People interested in reading the full scrolltext can watch it on their own.
  • If there are less than three entries for a compo, the given compo will either be cancelled or combined with another compo, with your permission. Should the compo be cancelled, your productions won't be spread, so you can release them elsewhere.
  • Compo entries may not have been released before. Pure rips or copies will be kicked from the competition without further notice. Audio-visual works (demos, intros, games and videos) may use previously published material such as soundtracks or artwork, provided the work as a whole is substantially new. How substantial this needs to be is decided by the compo organizer, if you are in doubt on this please contact us before the party.
  • Pure animations are not accepted, except in the Animation/Video and Animated GIF competition.
  • As we are uploading the release archives to the Scene.Org servers during and immediately after the party, please keep your archives CLEAN and LOGICAL. We do not have the time to re-pack every release so don't blame us when your release archive on Scene.Org looks crappy.
  • And finally : Deadline extensions for you and your production are a privilege, not a right. Every deadline extension has to be agreed upon by the compo organizer, do not assume that you have it without contacting the compo team. With the contact between the compo team and the visitors to be not as easy as usual, we will have to be very strict on this.

Recording your entries

  • Resolution and framerate: Please stick to one of the following: 1080p60, 1080p30 if it works better for your entry, or 720p60 to preserve framerate. Exception here is for oldskool entries where 720p50 is preferred, matching the PAL 50Hz frequency your device you will very likely be using. You Dreamcast people with Pal60 may of course use a p60-resolution.
  • Codec: H264 High Profile, >10 MBit/s (20-30 MBit/s preferred). Depending on the encoder, some options are possible when it comes to methods / bitrate.
    • VBR (average and max bitrate - aka hardware encoding such as Nvidia's NVENC or Intel's QuickSync): 20-30 Mbit/s for 1080p60 content. 10-15 Mbit/s for 1080p30 or 720p60 is good enough. When using hardware encoders, select a preset leaning towards quality rather than speed.
    • CRF (aka constant rate factor - aka x264 software encoding) - Try a value of 16 first, and observe the results. Looks like a mess? Try 15. Generated an unmanageable large file? Try 17 or 18. Generally you can get away with using the 'very fast' preset but to preserve quality more, you can change it to 'fast'.
    • ABR (aka average bitrate - aka a different kind of x264 software encoding) - Set it to around 25 Mbit/s for 1080p60 and 15 Mbit/s for 1080p30 or 720p60.
  • File format: MKV preferred, MP4 works too.
  • Audio: AAC, 48 kHz, 192 kbps (anything 160-256 is fine), stereo.

It is generally recommended that if you are recording on the same PC that's running your entry using e.g. OBS, and your entry is heavily CPU-bound, you'd be best to try to use the hardware encoding options to offload the encoding to the graphics card as that will not impact other aspects of the graphics card's performance

Should you have any issues or queries related to encoding, please contact us via the e-mail hotline.


  • Should you violate these rules we have the right to disqualify your entry during and up to 3 months after Revision. Should this occur we will update the compo results. As a consequence of this you agree to return any prizes you might have received to Revision.
  • Disqualified entries will not be spread and can not be voted for.
  • Disqualifications are final.