Revision - April 10th to 13th 2020
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New & noteworthy

  • Due to a huge success and therefore extremely long compo length, the maximum playtime for Fast Music entries has been lowered to 2 minutes.
  • We have re-defined / clarified the oldskool entry start method.
  • The Wild compo rules have been updated for musicdisk play length.
  • For 4K Executable Graphics we have added the requirement of a screenshot of your entry in order to run the compo a bit smoother.
  • The Graphics compo rules have been clarified to indicate that redrawn versions of third-party / previously-released artwork are also disallowed.
  • Some items for PC ANSI and Amiga ANSI have been clarified.
  • As physical communication will be limited / not possible we have lowered the requirement to show any entry running on the real actual hardware.
  • We have allowed entries to be pre-recorded by the visitors for selected competitions.
  • As we will have more preparation work running the compos, uploads will open approximately a week before Revision - however this also means that the deadlines have been combined and will be enforced strictly.