Revision - April 10th to 13th 2020
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zeit:raum Platinum

Die zeit:raum Gruppe entwickelt zukunftsorientierte Lòˆsungen in den Bereichen Film, Digital, Virtual-/Augmented-Reality und CGI. zeit:raum setzt dabei auf ganzheitliche strategische Beratung, kreative Konzeption und innovative technische Umsetzung. Anspruchsvolle ausgezeichnete Film- und Digital-Projekte – von der Idee bis zur Reife.

Nerdherrschaft Gold

Embedded. Web. Hardware. Software. Hardcore.

At Nerdherrschaft, the name is concept: In a biotope of intellectual beauty, the rule of logic governs, and the nerds are in charge. The activities range from hardware development (PCB design), Linux kernel development and high-level OOP to GUI applications, web and apps.

Research is passion, coding is life

Nerdherrschaft is led by its founder, Simon Kissel - known in the development community as "scamp". He has already founded and built up the router manufacturer Viprinet, well-known to the demoscene. Embedded in the „Innovationspark Bingen“ Nerdherrschaft has its head offices in Bingen am Rhein, Germany, somewhat near Frankfurt/Main.

No brain, no gain

Being deeply rooted in the demoscene, Nerdherrschaft is now looking for more developers from the scene to join the ride. If you believe your job should be your passion (and vice versa) and provide you enough room to learn, rise and shine, check out Nerdherrschaft's job page or talk to scamp himself during Revision.

Individual Computers Silver

Individual Computers is already in business for over 20 years. They are highly recognized in the scene for excellent hardware products for current and retro-computers such as Amiga and C64.

iComp is currently the only company to license the Commodore brand for selected products.

iConnectHue Corporate

iConnectHue is a smart home lighting app established in 2013 with a growing user base of multiple of thousands of users worldwide. It is the leading app for Philips Hue lights on iOS and essential for everyone who loves to control and set up every detail in digital lighting.

This app has cool concepts and a vision for its future - and you can be part of it! We're currently a small team that is spread over Germany.
If you're a dedicated coder, love to make things work and get things done, take a look at our jobs page.

undev Corporate


Consolecables Corporate


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