Revision - April 10th to 13th 2020
On a sofa near you


What is it?

Revision is the world's biggest pure Demoscene event with visitors from more than 30 countries!

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak Revision will be a livestream-only event this year.

Don't forget to check out our invitation demo Welcome home by Poo-Brain and Rebels on Pouet and YouTube.

Take part

Even though Revision won't happen as originally planed, we still would like to see who will be with us from home. So let us know and register with us.

Quite some people have already registered. Check out who's part of this year's Revision!

Upload your entry

Upload is open at

  • Register with your ticket code
  • Deadlines are FINAL (Friday midnight / Saturday midnight)
  • Ticket codes take about 5 minutes to be synced from the server, so if it doesn't immediately work - wait a couple of minutes and try again!

Be at the party

We'll use Twitch to stream Revision Online. So go have a look here:

Moreover you can meet up with your friends on Discord:

Rewatch the compos

You missed this year's Revision? Or simply want to watch it all again? No problem. You'll find the recordings in our YouTube channels Revision Party and Revision Captures.