Revision - April 10th to 13th 2020
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Cancellation of Revision 2020 - announcement of Revision Online

For the last couple of weeks, we as a team have been discussing potential repercussions for Revision in regard to the Covid-19 outbreak. While in the beginning we were still positive that we can do the event in the usual fashion – with some additional health precautions – the situation has changed significantly in the last few days.

As you might have heard, several German states, including Saarland, are now denying permits to hold events with over 1,000 visitors. And even though Revision is just scratching that number, after our recent correspondence with the health department, the venue owners, and local authorities, there is no chance that we’ll get a permission based on official risk assessments. Moreover we’ve come to the conclusion that even if we would get the green light, we don’t think it would be in the interest of the public health and the demoscene as a community to go forward with Revision 2020.

Revision is a high-risk event with people staying in a confined space for a very long time with no good air conditioning solution. Combine that with visitors from over 30 countries and the overall friendly demeanour of our scene with hugs and kisses, we cannot deny that this leads to a high infection risk. In the end we didn’t see any choice other than to cancel Revision this year. You can be sure that this decision wasn’t made lightly and leaves us rather heartbroken.

We've discussed postponing but we don't see any viable date during the year that will not clash with another party and we don’t want to create a competing situation. And even if there would be a fitting date, there’s no guarantee that we will attract even close to the usual number of attendees which puts us in a high financial risk and would jeopardize future Revisions. The Easter holidays are simply unique in providing two additional days off, which visitors and organizers would otherwise have to take out of their usual vacation days. 

So what now? Is there a backup plan?

We may not be able to hold Revision in the form we’re used to, but we're still committed to bring you the Easter experience you’ve been planning and waiting for. Therefore we decided to hold a livestream-only event as a replacement.

We’re working at full speed to provide you with as many events as possible - competitions, seminars, music acts and special events. The stream will most likely start on Good Friday and end on Easter Monday, just like you’re used to from Revision. We’ll provide you with detailed information as soon as possible.

You can submit entries and vote just as if you were at the party – from the comfort of your home.

What will happen to my tickets?

First of all – we will refund all your pre-sale tickets. No exceptions. Please give us a few days to handle the issue.

As a next step we’ll update our pre-sale with new ticket options for the new event.

You won’t have to buy a ticket to watch the stream. But if you want to vote and participate in the competitions you will need to purchase an “online ticket”. T-shirts also will be available and will be shipped to you after the party.

Since most of our sponsor contracts are void and we still have financial obligations to our suppliers and contractors, we rely on the support of our visitors. Therefore we will offer a few support options. However we won’t be able to give extra benefits to supporters except for our eternal gratitude.

How will I be able to submit my entry?

Our Partymeister system will be available on the internet so you can submit your entries if you have a valid ticket, just like you’re used to. We might have to change some competitions and rules to fit the new event. We will also try to provide a communication channel with the competition organizers so you can discuss issues and ask and answer questions regarding your entry.

Also – there will be trophies which will be shipped to the winners afterwards.

What’s going to happen to my flights and hotel bookings?

Currently, many airlines, tour operators, and Deutsche Bahn are offering free cancellation or rebooking of tickets. So hopefully you will be able to get some or all of your money back for the flights that have already been purchased.

If you made a hotel reservation via our reservation system, please contact the tourism office of Saarbrücken directly for your cancellation. The rooms can be cancelled without a fee until April 2nd.

What can I do to help?

Since we want to make this the best livestream event possible we would love to see viewing parties around the globe to make Revision go worldwide. If you think you can arrange something like that for your local community, please drop us a line at

We will put up a website with all the viewing parties and we will also try to do live connections to the parties in between competitions and events.

But – if you’re planning a viewing party, please consider to adhere to the current health guidelines to prevent infections.

Summing it up

We are devastated to share this news with you. ‘The show must go on’ is in our DNA, and this is the first time in more than 20 years that the German Easterparty will not take place. We are now working hard through the ramifications of this unprecedented situation. This is the hardest decision we had to make in ten years of planning Revision.

We’re in full crunch mode on the streaming event now and there will be more information coming up in the following days. Please bear with us while we cope with the many changes that are currently happening.